Let's Go On A Yacht Vacation!

Yacht vacation, boating holidays, sailing cruises...

Who doesn't like them?

Whether you have your own boat or you're chartering a yacht, a yacht vacation is always good fun!

With your own boat, you can sail or cruise the nearby cruising grounds.

yacht charter

The more time you have, the further you can go. But, you can also move your boat much further by using a kind of yacht transport. Click here to read all about that!

In case you don't have your own boat or you do, but you want to cruise a complete different part of the world, charter a motor or sailing yacht!

The choices are endless!

You can choose from a long list of destinations. I have included a few. Click on them to get some inspiration what you can do where!


The Dubrovnik - Split cruising area (Part I)

The Dubrovnik - Split cruising area (Part II)


The Balearic Islands:

Ibiza, Formentera and Espalmador (Part I)

Ibiza, Formentera and Espalmador (Part II)


The Northern Sporades (Part I: Skiathos and Skopelos)

The Northern Sporades (Part II: Alonissos and Peristera)

The Northern Sporades (Part III: Yioura and Kira Panayia)

You can also choose how you want to charter a yacht. There are 3 ways of chartering.

You can be your own skipper and crew. This is called a bare boat charter. This gives you complete control of what you want to do with your time.

If you're not familiar with boats or you just can't be bother with the handling of the boat, book a crewed or skippered charter. A professional crew will take all the planning, boat handling, provisioning out of your hands, so you only have to relax and enjoy the trip!

Are you a social animal and you like to cruise in group, then a flotilla will be perfect for you! This also works for sailors who don't feel comfortable yet to skipper the boat alone, and who prefer a lead boat who can come and assist them.

Chartering a yacht has several plusses. It's definitely cheaper than owning a yacht. You can find a charter yacht virtually everywhere and it can be a good way to check out a specific make and model in case you're thinking of buying a specific kind of yacht.

There are interesting schemes of owning a yacht through a charter company, so this is a mix of owning and chartering.

And why not spend a yacht vacation on a cruise ship? Nowadays everybody can enjoy them! Lots of destinations and styles!

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