Get some Yacht Training!

Did you know, that by following some yacht training courses, you can increase your chances dramatically when you start looking for that first superyacht job?

Why's that?

Because you have a big plus compared to others who haven't done anything.

Remember, lots of people are looking for a crew position and you're all fairly unexperienced. So, who will that Captain or managing company take, you think?

Right, the one who has the best qualities on paper!

And, by having done some yacht training, you show you're serious about your yachting career. You have already invested some time and money because you really want to work in the yachting industry!

Okay then, which yacht training should you take.

First of all, do the STCW Basic Safety Training. No matter in which crew position you want to work, this one is a must.

The STCW Basic Safety Training

The STCW Basic Safety Training consists of 4 modules:

1. Personal Survival Techniques

This module takes 1 day and it has a practical and theoretical part.

You will learn how to act in case of abandoning ship, get to know the emergancy equipment, learn the rules that give you the best chance to survive.

The practical is in a heated pool or in a lake or sea. It's all good fun, but foremost, it's lifesaving!

STCW Sea Survival
STCW Sea Survival crocodile
STCW Sea Survival
STCW Sea Survival huddle

2. Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

This course will take around 2 days and it will teach you how to use firefighting equipment, how a fire starts and develops and how to fight a fire.

This course has a theoretical part, as well as a practical one.

The practical test will be in a building with an actual fire where you will enter in full firefighting gear with a breathing apparatus on your head. You learn how to move around when you can't see a thing and how to fight the fire in team.

This course makes you definitely realise that you don't want to have a fire on board!

STCW Fire Prevention
STCW Fire Fighting

3. Elementary First Aid

This first aid course takes 1 day and will prepare you to give a victim the first help.

You'll learn what to do when a person is unconscious and he stops breathing or has a heart attack, for example.

Very interesting and a good thing to do, whether you work on a yacht or on land...

Of course, you do practice the techniques!

4. Personal Safety and Social Responsability

This day-course will talk about living and working as crew with your fellow crewmates. 

How to avoid accidents and have a safe environment on board.

This is a pure theoretical course.

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