What About Yacht Delivery?

Before you hand over your precious yacht to a yacht delivery company, read this article first!

A few years ago, I worked as a delivery skipper myself, as you could read in my 'About Me' page.

When you choose to deliver your sailing yacht or motor boat, you agree that a hired crew will take your yacht and sail it to the agreed destination.

It doesn't matter what kind of boat you have, whether it's old or new.

Every quality delivery company will have a checklist that will help determine if your boat is seaworthy and ready for the delivery.

If not, a list will be given to you for the necessary upgrades.

If your yacht is new and comes out the shipyard, you can even ask the delivery company to do the commissioning of your yacht.

This means that they will check if everything is conform with what is stated in the contract of purchase.

When your vessel is considered as seaworthy, the crew will begin to protect all the vulnerable things onboard and they might even use sacrificial lines to save the original ones. Of course, you cannot eliminate the usual wear and tear.

Yacht delivery Turkey

Now, in my experience, a good quality delivery company is only as good as their captains and crew.

During the deliveries I have made, I have seen a lot of captains and crew of several other companies.

You must know that this industry branch is not really controlled and that, amongst many good captains, there are some cowboys out there.

How to avoid these cowboys?

Choose for a delivery company that knows their captains personally, ideally also the rest of the crew. The best companies do background checks and evaluate each crew every delivery.

A good yacht delivery company will have a zero-tolerance towards drugs and a policy of conduct onboard and in the yacht harbour.

As the owner, you can ask for details concerning the crew and if you want, you can meet them or have a chat with them on the telephone. You can also ask for references and talk with other yacht owners whose yacht was delivered by that skipper. You can even ask for a smoke free crew! Nothing worse than a yacht that smells like a chimney!

Sunset yacht delivery

Most deliveries are sailed by a minimum of three crew: the captain, the mate and a deckhand. Insurance companies have certain rules about who needs which ticket and who must have a certain experience. For ocean passages they will likely demand that the captain, as well as the mate, have formal tickets and have sailed a lot of sea miles.

If you want, you can join the delivery for the whole trip or for a certain leg. As the third crew member or as the extra passenger, you can build your sea mileage, get to know your vessel or just enjoy the ride!

The yacht delivery industry is a very competitive market and some companies or captains begin to save money on things they shouldn't save on and are taking unnecessary risks. Don't choose them, go for quality!

Also, remember that the sea and the economic life don't move in the same way. I mean, don't send your boat out in the wrong time of the year.

For example, if you bought a yacht in France and you want it in Florida, then, no matter when your boat comes out of the shipyard, wait for the right time to cross the ocean! (In this case: at the end of November or the months just after that)

The strain on your yacht and the safety risks for the crew are unacceptably high!

Some yacht delivery companies will put a GPS tracker on your boat, so you can follow them in real time. This happens mainly for ocean passages.

At the end of each delivery, a final report will be made with all the details and remarks of the delivery itself. When you sign this, you accept a successful delivery.

Yacht delivery Gibraltar

What will it cost?

This depends on the mileage and on other costs like fuel, oil, harbour and agent fees, food, crew flights, crew wages...

If you're thinking about delivering your yacht, why not ask a quote from the company I recommend. It's without any obligation!

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