Your Insiders' Guide to find Work on a Yacht!

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If you're looking to find work on a yacht, then you're at the right address!

I've been in your situation, so I know the guidelines you need to follow to get that first job on a luxury yacht!

Once you have secured that first position and you do it well, you have your foot between the door and you're up and running.

Now, working on a luxury yacht is one of those special jobs around. And it has every reason to be regarded as such!


Because the whole yachting business revolves around 1 thing: the pastime of the rich and famous!

They want to have a great time onboard. They want to sleep well, to eat the most exclusive things, to see extra-ordinary places and this in all privacy and with a crew that only looks after them!

That's right, 100% attention!

Now, when you work on a yacht, you become a part of that world, which is a world full of excess! Read more in 'The World of Superyachts' to get an idea what a superyacht is...

People at the top of our society don't go for mediocre things or experiences. No!

They are used to, and they want, the highest quality of everything and everybody.

Superyachtsin Monte-Carlo

The benefits for you are the travelling. There's a great chance that after one season onboard a superyacht, you know your way around places like Monte-Carlo, Nice, Cannes, Palma de Mallorca, Miami, Antigua,...

You will become a cosmopolitan!

Plus, you will earn some nice money. Because you live onboard, which means you sleep and eat without charge, you can save much more than somebody who works on land. Of course, if you want to live as the rich and buy yourself Ray-Bans, watches, gadgets and like to hit the dancefloor in the clubs in St-Tropez, you will have a great time too of course, but less savings. This is all up to you!

Choosing to work on a yacht, also means a complete other lifestyle! Yes, gone is the rat-race and the 9 to 5 mentality.

I always say that this job does not come to you by accident. You have to choose for it.

Now, don't make the mistake to think that you'll earn while living the fast life! No, you will work hard for that money. The owner or guests are the star onboard, you make their holiday one to remember while enjoying the lifestyle!

Lots of like-minded people will be your crewmates. Lots of these people love their freedom and the sea. Together you will work, eat, go out,...

And, last but not least, since the yachting industry begins to become a real professional industry, you will have the possibility to pursue a succesful career!

Get on a yacht!

Alright, you might say! But, how do I get a job on a luxury yacht?

I'll show you step-by-step! (in my e-book I'll show you in detail how you can get yourself in the best position to find a position as deckhand, mate or skipper)

First of all, know what you want. Look at the differences between superyachts and decide which one you prefer.

And, do you know which yacht crew position you want to do on board?

Second, get qualified! Read here which yacht training would increase your chances!

Third, make a good resume (cv).

Fourth, go job hunting! Read How to Find a Job on a Superyacht part I - Part II.

Other Yachting Jobs to Consider!

Working as a Yacht Delivery Captain Part I - Part II

(The article above is a short version of my e-book about becoming a Yacht Captain. In this e-book, I will also talk about becoming a charter captain, sail instructor, race crew, private captain, flotilla skipper and other possibilities.)

Books for Yacht Crew!

Must-reads for Deck, Interior and Engineering positions!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Answers of the most FAQ!

Extras !!!

Your Complete European Yacht Crew Agency-list part I -

part II - part III

Your Complete North-American Yacht Crew Agency-list 

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