Superyachts In London:
Will We See Them Again?

My Opinion about Superyachts in London

Do you still remember the Olympic Games in London? Two months ago, in July and August 2012, the Olympic took place in the heart of England.

As you can expect, a lot of money was pumped into the project and no means were spared to make this an amazing event.

Now, what I found interesting is that London announced the arrival of a few of the bigger superyachts around.

That's quite something, as you can imagine... superyachts in London!

Those massive yachts entering the waters of England and mooring in front of the highrise office buildings.

Among the superyachts were:

  • M/Y Octopus: a 126 m (414 ft) yacht owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, Mr. Paul Allen.
  • M/Y Ilona: a 74 m (242 ft) yacht, owned by Frank Lowy who owns the Westfield shopping centres.
  • M/Y Seanna: a 65 m (213 ft) yacht, ready for charter.

They moored at the Royal Docks in East-London and near Canary Wharf.

The lock gates were quite tight for a few of them and their stay was expensive!

64 000 pounds Sterling was mentioned as a 2-week mooring fee for a 230 ft (70 m) superyacht!

M/Y Octopus payed a stunning 107 660 US Dollar mooring fee to stay 1 week, water and electricity were not included!

Mr. Paul Allen tweeted that going through the locks costed him 2428 US $...

Of course, it's very special to be with your yacht in the heart of London.

Hotel rooms were booked months ahead and what's better than sleeping in your own yacht, have your own chef and crew onboard who all want to make sure you enjoy your stay. In a hotel, even the top ones, they can never give you 100 % attention, since you're not the only guest!

And London is not the middle of nowhere!

London promotes itself as one of the leading financial centers in the world. A thriving city full of shopping centers and great nightlife.

London thinks it can compete with Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes, Nice, Palma de Mallorca and so on.

My first reaction in my head was:

'I don't think so!'


Well, superyachts in London just feels out of place.

The Olympics were indeed a one of a kind event in London, so there was something special to see.

But, without the Olympic Games, what's there to do for superyachts? And I'm not talking about yachts in transit to the South.

Which owner or charter guest, who might work in an office in London, wants to go on holiday in the dock in front of the office? Most people wants to fo as far away from the place where they work.

And most of them want to go to the warmer areas around the globe. London, the U.K. and the rest of Northern Europe don't belong to those areas. They are hit by one depression after the other. Even a good summer is not guaranteed!

Who wants to swim in the Thames?

Yes, we can leave the jet-skis, seabobs, masks and fins and the mini-submarine where they the garage.

And what about the privacy. Most, in fact all, of the rich and famous want privacy. These people cannot go to public beaches, hotels or whatever without being caught by the fans and paparazzi.

Superyachts are perfect for that. The owners and guests have their unique holiday spot which can move to wherever they would like to be.

Paparazzi would be delighted to sit on top of a building and spy on the people onboard.

London itself knows this too. That's why they state that the infrastructure will be modified when superyachts will come back to London. So, it all depends on the yacht owners and management companies to promote London as an attractive destination.

But, then again, all yachts in the summer are in the Mediterranean. Who wants to pay the fuel to go up to the North Sea for a day of shopping? Much easier and cheaper to take a private jet or something...

So, superyachts in London, I think you get my point!

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