Your Most Valuable and Precious Thing On Board!

During my years at sea, I discovered that a lot of people have 1 or a few precious things onboard, without which they would never leave port.

It sounds a bit superstitious, but lots of sailors feel more safe and comfortable with their preferred object on board.

No matter how small or big, rational or irrational, sailors like to have their thing with them...

For example, Larry, the delivery captain I sailed 3 transatlantics with, had a good luck charm that he took with him on every boat he set foot on. His talisman was a kind of little plush monkey... His wife gave it to him.

We positioned it behind the front window of the catamaran, to overlook the seas. Whether it worked or not, he sailed more than 50 times back and forth over the Atlantic without any accident...

Now, the funny thing is that Larry, before he started to do deliveries, was a radar guy in a submarine of the Royal Navy! Although he looks so tough with all his tattoos, he still caries this little monkey with him!

Then, later, I sailed with someone who wouldn't go to sea without his espresso machine.

One morning he told me that that machine was a real life-saver.

A nice cup of hot warm coffee is always welcome when it's still cold and dark in those little hour-watches.

Who wouldn't agree on that one?

Somebody else swore to never head to sea, unless he took his sea anchor with him.

In previous times, he crossed the Atlantic from west to east and found himself in a huge storm with winds of more than 75 knots. That was the first time he used his sea anchor and boy...was he happy!!

The catamaran calmed down, nose nicely towards the waves and after so many hours the storm passed away. Nobody hurt, no damage.

This man is now so attached to have this piece of kit on board, that he would give a great deal of cash to anyone if he would be in that situation again, without a sea anchor.

So, whether it is a proper piece of equipment or more something like a good luck charm, I would like to know what's yours!

Share your most valuable and precious thing on board on the form hereunder!

What's Your Most Precious Thing On Board?

Do you have a piece of kit, a good luck charm or any other thing that is so important to You, that You wouldn't leave port without it? Then this is the place to share it! With some pictures, of course!!

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