Cruising the Northern Sporades
Part II

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In the middle of the Northern Sporades, we discovered the 2 islands: Alonissos and Peristera.

Now, from here and upwards, you're cruising in the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades.

There are some restrictions, but the overall aim of the park is to protect the local fauna and flora.

The monk seal and the wild goats are a few of them...

Due to the northerly winds, we mainly cruised the southern side of Alonnisos.

As with the other islands, these ones are also very mountaineos.

While we were approaching the island from the south, we could see the old town of Alonissos on top of the hill.

We passed Patitiri in the south-east of Alonissos. A small village with a ferry connection. Next to Patitiri, you'll find Votsi. Lots of beautiful caves around this area, by the way...

Patitiri on Nisos Alonissos


Instead, we moved more north and we found this tiny town with the name of Steni Vala. A few sailing yachts were anchored stern-to to the dock, but for our boat it seemed better to anchor off in the little bay just south of it, Aghios Petros.

Steni Vala on Nisos Alonissos

Steni Vala

There we tied the boat with a long stern line to a massive rock on the beach. We pulled the chain tied on the windlass and...voila!

Anchorage on Nisos Alonissos
Aghios Petros on Nisos Alonissos

The water is as clear as bottled water and the view is very pretty.

We decided to lower the dinghy and had a great Greek evening meal in Steni Vala, just around the corner.

Aghios Petros

The next morning, we went back to the local supermarket to buy some fresh bread...

A few days later, when we came back after exploring the most northern islands, we went for anchor on the island of Peristera. The reason was mainly because of the wind, so the western side of Peristera seemed to give us better shelter...

While motoring to our anchorage, we passed the bay where a stranded ship is rusting away on the beach...

Wreck on Nisos Peristera

We anchored just south of Peristera town. It's a pretty quiet island, but... the sunset from this position was excellent!

Sunset on Nisos Peristera

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