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This part of YachtUnlimited is quite an interesting one. I devote it to my opinion of what I see, hear or experience in the world of yachting.

Whether I experience something while cruising, see it on televison or read it in a magazine, they are all giving me food for thought.

There is so much going on and some things are affecting us.

Every month I will talk about a certain issue and give my thoughts about it. You are very welcome to comment on it. That way you share it with your fellow sailors and we know what everybody's idea is about a certain issue.

What is more, is that you can start a subject yourself and give your opinion about it! Other sailors can comment on your subject too! So, everybody's involved!

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I'm looking forward to Your Opinion!

My Opinion

What Happened with 'First Come, First Serve'?

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The Clipper Round The World Race!

The Truth about Boat Reviews!

Have An Interesting Opinion To Share?

This is your chance to express Your Opinion! Tell us what you think about something you have seen, heard or experienced and why you feel like that. You can even include pictures, if you want!

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