Ibiza Boat Charter:
What To Do And Where To Go!
Part I

Ibiza town

The islands of Ibiza, Formentera and Espalmador are the perfect scenery for an Ibiza boat charter!

Ibiza or Eivissa, as they call it in Catalan, is the most Westerly island of the Balearic Islands.

It lies only 50 nautical miles from the Spanish mainland and there is only 45nm of water between Ibiza and the largest Balearic Island, Mallorca.

Today, Ibiza is known as the party-capital of the world where a relaxed way of life exists.

This was partly caused by the many hippies who came here in the 1960's. Most of them moved on, but a whole stream of mass tourism followed...

The Northerly part of Ibiza is much more isolated and has a rugged landscape, the South has lots of beaches and has a lot of tourist developments.

South of Ibiza, you will find three islands: Formentera, Espalmador and Espardel.

Formentera is the biggest of the three, while Espalmador is a small sandy spot and Espardel is a nature reserve where fishing, anchoring and pleasure crafts are forbidden.

Hereunder you will find my cruising schedule with lots of pictures and information. This will help you to make your own 'Ibiza boat charter' cruising plan. I have provided an interactive map, so you can follow and orientate yourself on the map.

View Ibiza Boat Charter in a larger map

The best time to cruise the Balearic Islands are the months either side of July and August. These 2 last months are good too, but they are very hot and it will be crowded!

When I came to Ibiza, Formentera and Espalmador, it was in May and June and that worked fine.

(Note: This Ibiza boat charter trip was done on a 24,5 meter (82ft) motor yacht, so everything of the same size or smaller can do the same trip.)

Coming from Mallorca, our first landfall on Ibiza was in Clot d'es Llamp.

We choose this anchorage because it is well protected from a southerly swell. This was also our first encounter with the amazing rock formations and cliffs of Ibiza. You will be amazed by them!

After our lunch stop here, we moved 9nm further West to Cala Characca. This is a very open bay, protected from the South, East and West. Everybody can find a place here and the holding is good.

Cala Characca

You will notice that in Ibiza you don't see small fishing harbours or docks, but boatsheds with their own slipway!

There a few small beaches here and we had dinner in the simple beach bar/restaurant in the Southwest corner of the bay.

After a calm night on the anchor, we went a few miles back to Cala Portinatx.

Cala Portinatx

This was the first touristic spot we came along on our Ibiza boat charter trip. Cala Portinatx is a multiple cala with several beaches. Lots of people on the beaches and on pedalos. They ask 75 euro for 2 hours on a pedalo!!

The reason we came here is because you can do some food shopping here. You have to drag your tender on the beach, though, if you want to walk around...

You could definitely anchor here for the night, but you might hear the disco...

After our food provisioning and the lunch, we headed West again to Cala Binirras.

When you're here doing your Ibiza boat charter, you will see the spectacular rock at the entrance of the anchorage. It becomes even more magnificent when the sun is setting behind it!

At the end of the cala there is a nice beach. Unless you're a very good swimmer, don't swim to the rock at the entrance without any buoyancy aids! It is a loooong swim, more than half a kilometre one way, to be exactly. We even had to come to the rescue of some girls who were completely exhausted...

Just southwest of Cala Binirras is Puerto de San Miguel, this was our second option for the night. More tourists, beach bars and restaurants here.

When motoring West the next day, we passed a very nice, but very small horseshoe inlet. This could be a possible anchorage, but only for smaller yachts and probably with a stern line out.

So, at lunch time we arrived in San Antonio or Sant Antoni de Portmany. You will notice the huge difference with the fairly isolated NE coast of Ibiza and the very touristic and build-up side of Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Lots of anchored boats here, since it is a natural harbour known by the Romans as Portus Magnus. When walking around in the town, you will see the worst of cheap package tourism. Lots of young people, still recovering from the night before... We reprovisioned at the Lidl supermarket, to me it seemed like the nicest building around...

San Antonio

In the afternoon we went 1nm NE and anchored in Cala Salada. Actually it was just North, called Sa Foradada. Very popular with divers. Because it's not so big and it is kind of deep, we anchored with a stern line out. As you can see on the picture, there is an eye in the cliff!

Cala Salada north

You will see the occasional party boats passing by late afternoon. Hundreds of people jumping and shouting on the upper deck, you must see it!

After a good rest, we left the following morning to explore the West side of Ibiza.

At the NW tip of Ibiza, you will find Isla Conejera. This island used to be connected with Ibiza, but the connection eroded away. Now, there is still a bar underwater connecting the two. It's pretty scary when you go over it the first time, even the second and third time...

Isla Conejera

The bar is 15 meters wide and is approximately 4 meters under water. Go slowly and enjoy the wonders of nature, I would say!

Isla Conejera passage

We passed Cala Tarida and Cala Badella on our port side, all possible anchorages open to the West. You'll find beaches there, a few bars and restaurants and few developments.

Cala Tarida

Looking for the next spectacular lunch stop on our Ibiza boat charter, we couldn't have been better served than the 2 majestic rocky islands in front of us!

Isla Vedra and Isla Vedranell, the latter the smallest of the two.

Isla Vedra

Isla Vedra

Isla Vedranell

Isla Vedranell

We anchored on the shallow spot on the northern side of Isla Vedranell. I can recommend the snorkeling here. You will think you're swimming in an aquarium!

After lunch, we made our progress to Ibiza Town, the capital of Ibiza. There are several big marinas here, but I chose Marina Botafoch. They have good technical support, are normal priced and you can go quickly to the old town of Ibiza via a water taxi.

If you book an Ibiza boat charter for a week or a few days, Ibiza Town will likely be your start and ending point.

Ibiza Dalt Villa

The old town, Dalt Vila, is definitely worth a visit. Also check out the cathedral and don't forget that most shops are closed from 14.00 to 16.00 or 17.00 in the afternoon... their famous siesta time. You can shop until 22.30 or so and enjoy a nice dinner while party Ibiza comes to life!

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