Ibiza Boat Charter:
What To Do And Where To Go!
Part II

Ibiza Town makes an excellent base to explore the islands south of Ibiza. Your trip is not complete without visiting them!

Hereunder I have included an interactive map with a possible cruising plan for your Ibiza boat charter.

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When you're heading south, you will first see the islands of Espalmador and Espardel.

Espardel is the little island east of Espalmador. It is a nature reserve where all fishing, anchoring and even the passing through of recreative boats is prohibited. So stay well out of the area marked with yellow buoys.

Espalmador instead, is open for business! It is gorgeous! It's very small, but the colour of the water, the beaches and rocks are magnificent! It definitely has a Caribbean look to it.

Isla Espalmador

When it was a bit windy and swelly, we anchored in the protective bay in the south of Espalmador, Puerto El Espalmador. A good anchorage, but it can be pretty shallow, so go in slowly and check your depth sounder.

We anchored around Espalmador on both sides, it all depends on the wind and swell. This is the same for Formentera.

South of Espalmador, you will find Formentera. Another beauty! These two islands are connected with a reef with breaking waves over it. We anchored here for lunch and a swim. Turqouise waters all over the place. A must-see on your Ibiza boat charter trip!

Formentera is all about beaches. Long sandy white beaches where you can always find a spot to anchor close to the beach and have some privacy.

Along the northern part of Formentera, the part that points up to Espalmador, you'll find some really nice beach bars where you can relax and listen to some lounge music. In some you can eat lunch too.

From this anchorage you can see the sun setting behind Isla Vedra!

The only port on Formentera is Puerto de Sabina. This is the main entrance for day tourists to the island. The amount of fast ferries in the summer going back and forth, is amazing.

Puerto de Sabina is a nice town with good restaurants and bars. They promote visiting the island by bicycle, although renting a car is no problem too. The visit to the town in the center, San Francisco Javier, is definitely worth the effort.

Around Puerto de Sabina there are two lagoons. Smaller boats like dinghies can go to the first lagoon, which is called Estanque del Peix. The second lagoon. Estanque Pudent, hasn't got a connection to the sea.

Estanque del Peix

Estanque del Peix.

I found the islands south of Ibiza of great value. Because there is no airport, people have to take the boat to visit it. This prevents a lot of mass tourism going to Formentera and Espalmador.

Did you know that in the 1960's the hippies gathered around on Formentera and that now even the rich and famous come to these islands? Sylvester Stallone, Elle Macpherson, Rafael Nadal and Kate Moss have been spotted here.

Cala Raco d'es Mares

When we were circumnavigating Formentera in clockwise direction, we spent the night in Cala Raco d'es Mares. This Cala is a bit further south and has fewer boats anchored than Cala Pujols, which is more crowded.

In the southern corner of this cala, there is an impressive cave where it's possible to go in with the tender. The water around it, makes also a good snorkeling spot.

Calo de Sant Augusti

In the evening we went onshore in this tiny little village, Calo de Sant Augusti, where they have a few bars and restaurants. We had a lovely dinner with seaview!

Next morning we continued our Ibiza boat charter and went around the islands to see the southern part. There we saw an amazing long white beach with very nice blue water, Playa de Mitjorn, definitely a good surfing spot. We did not anchor here, because at that time, a swell from the SW rolled in, but it's a possible anchorage in flat seas.

While the north of Formentera is pretty flat, the south has high cliffs.

Going round the SW headland, we made our way to Cala Sahona. The water is amazingly turquoise, but the cala is aslo very shallow...

Formentera and Espalmador are the most popular islands for the people from Ibiza. Every weekend or holiday, a lot of pleasure yachts steam out Ibiza Town to Formentera and Espalmador for their day out...

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