How to Find a Job on a Superyacht!
Part II

(Continuation of How to Find a Job on a Superyacht)

3. The Dockwalk

The dockwalk is nothing more than a walk along the docks, but with the goal of finding a yacht job! A permanent or seasonal yacht crew position if possible, or at least daywork.

Now, dockwalking seems easy peasy, but there's more to it...

You're looking for a real job on a million-dollar superyacht! If it would be easy, then everybody would be working on them!

So, how do you do it?

1. First of all, dress nicely! First impression counts and this lies in your hands.

You want to look your best, so don't wear worn off clothes or shoes. I still have to see the first scruffy superyacht around. The owner wants to look his or her yacht the best, so somebody whoe doesn't care has no place onboard!

Don't wear a T-shirt with a funny message on. Once I saw a guy dockwalking with 'Barbie is a Bitch!' on his T-shirt... Pretty hilarious, but you have to agree that it's not suitable...

Wear something that a deckhand or stewardess would wear on the job, like a polo and a short or skirt. You can't go wrong with that!

As for shoes, I would go for boat shoes or good looking sneakers or sandals. I would leave the scruffy or cheap looking flip-flop's behind.

The bottom line is that you want to look like quality, not like a joke!

When dockwalking, have your cv's ready in case somebody is interested. Most dockwalkers have a small backpack or a purse. No plastic bags please, you're not homeless, aren't you?

Make sure your resumes are in perfect condition. Don't hand over a folded and wrinkled copy. If you do, you can better handover a sheet of toilet paper!

2. Start your dockwalk early, between 7 and 7.30.

3. Go from one yacht to the other and push the button or shout a friendly 'hello' to the crew who is standing outside.

Ask if they have a vacancy or if they need somebody for the day or following days.

If no, they might know of another boat who is looking.

If that's a no too, thank the crew for their time and move on.

Now, most answers will be negative. So, don't feel terrible if the first 10 yachts say 'no'.

You're not the only one looking and jobs do pop up. You just have to find them and be the right person on the right spot in the right timing.

Also, go to other marinas along the coast to make your search area bigger and to prevent your stalking the same yachts.

Stern of M/Y Eclipse

4. The Social Life

The last step of 'How to find a job on a superyacht' is about being social.

The social life start as soon as you are heading over to a superyacht centre.

Probably you will stay at a crew house or a hostel where other people are who are looking for yacht jobs too!

You can help each other, either by motivating or giving you some information about a boat looking.

Think about it. If on my dockwalk I would hear that a superyacht is looking for a stewardess and you're looking for that position, that would be some great info, don't you think? Help and be helped!

And about the motivation...

Dockwalking can be pretty tiring and you can get demotivated. Hearing 'no' every day can wear you out.

Every day in a crew house costs money and food isn't cheap either. Remember, superyachts lie in expensive places!

Some people I met, were looking for 2, 3, 4 weeks and money got pretty tight.

That's why daywork can buy you extra time to look for a yacht job.

Also, you can share an appartment with other yacht crew-candidates to share costs, so that your day-to-day living costs are lower.

A last piece of advice: when you do your dockwalk, I recommend you do this on your own and not in group.

You will probably also have a drink in the local crew bar. Here you'll meet real yacht crew who could have that vital information or you can look on the message board to see who is looking for work, who offers a job, who wants to get a roommate or any other crew business.

Good Luck!!!

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