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Dear visitor, welcome to our galley shop!

In this shop, you will find all the recommended tools to cook onboard. They are selected on their sturdiness, size, quality and price.

This shop is made together with Amazon, which is a trusted company all over the world.

Enjoy your shopping ... and cooking, of course!

Food Choppers

This food chopper is a great help on board.

It is hand-powered, so you don't need any electricity, and you can chop all your herbs and vegetables with it.

It is easy to clean and you can also use it to store some food in it!

Definitely a must-have!!

Galley Tools

You can't live without good quality mixing bowls.

These bowls from Pyrex are the best, since they're strong and will not absorb food odours!

When you make your tasty boat recipes, you need to measure quantities.

This measure cup from Pyrex is fantastic for that purpose!

We use it, because it's strong and made from glass.

The glass prevents that the cup will absorb the odour of the food, which is the case with plastic cups...

These cooking utensils are a joy to handle.

They all feel nice in your hand and have a good grip.

The quality is excellent!

Every galley should have minimum 1 good locking tong.

They're great to grab your pieces of meat and turn them around.

They lock themselves, so they are easy to store.

This wisk comes also from the Oxo brand.

As usual, very sturdy, good grip and of excellent quality!

This peeler is great to peel off the skin of vegetables and fruit.

It's a fast way of working and very comfortable.

The material from which it is made off, is very strong and high quality. This will go a long way!

To measure accurately, you need proper measure spoons.

With this, you'll know how much a tablespoon is, a teaspoon,...

Made from stainless steel and all the spoons are connected with eachother through a ring. This way, you can't loose them!

Food Storage

When we make longer trips on board, we have to use food storage containers which seal off the food well.

This way, they last longer.

These non-porous glass containers do their job perfectly!

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