What Happened to 'First Come First Serve'?

More than a month ago, we were cruising in beautiful Croatia. On a sudden day, I think it was a Tuesday, we decided to go for a refuel and this in the pretty place called Trogir.

We arrived at the fuel dock something around 3.15 in the afternoon and we needed 3000 liters, which takes 50 minutes top. Of course, the guy at the fuel station welcomed us with open arms and with a smile from ear to ear! What else you would expect?

Now, after the first 15 minutes of refueling, a 40' motor boat comes behind us and, like normal people, they wait their turn... First come first serve...

5 minutes later, a small speedboat showed up and, only after a few minutes waiting, the guy on board began shouting at us.

"You are terrible, you spoil my whole vacation,..." he shouted, because he had to wait!

To be honest, I don't like to start a conversation with somebody who is acting like that...

Now, I'm pretty amazed at those people who think the world turns around their persona.

I would never start shouting at somebody in the supermarket if he or she has a full cart and I have just 5 articles in my hand.

First is first. It's not a difficult rule to get, I think! First come first serve is as old as the time when the first forms of life were inhabiting the world!

You can say:"Okay, this was 1 guy..."

Sadly, it wasn't.

A few weeks before this happened, we were at the same fuel dock.

In the middle of our refuel, an Italian motor boat came towards the fuel dock and decided to use his horn the minute he came behind us! He even did the gesture when you want somebody to make place!


"Hey, I'm here, please remove your boat, so I can fill mine."

True, we cruise with a bigger boat, but the average size of yachts is increasing and we all need fuel. So, what we gonna do?

Now, boating is open to more and more people, which is good, because it's a great pass-time.

What is not so good, is that some people take the stress from their work, life, or from standing in a traffic-jam with their car, to their boat. Not so good!

I recommend that when you go boating, be relaxed and be happy. Boats are different from cars and they are not meant to take you from A to B in the quickest possible way. They are slow. Not only the destination counts, but also the travel. The travel even more than the destination.

Be a gentle man or woman towards other boating people. We're all on the same planet, anyway, you know!

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