My Favorite Anchorage!

When people ask for my favorite anchorage, the first anchor spot that pops up in my head is Nisos Elafonisos.

It's a small island in Greece.

When you look at the map of Greece, you see the Peloponnese in the south with its three legs.

Well, on the most eastern leg, completely at the bottom, you'll find the lovely place called Nisos Elafonisos.

We found it by accident and never thought we would like it so much!

Greece Peloponnesos

In 2010 we decided to sail back from Turkey to Italy and because we were just the two of us, me and Magdalena, we did the trip in long day trips with stops during the night.

That day, we sailed from Milos, an island in the western part of the Southern Cyclades, to the Peloponnesos. The anchorages around Nisos Elafonisos seemed best placed for a good night rest. As you know by now, it became more than that...

We entered the bay of O. Sarakiniko, which is the southern bay of Nisos Elafonisos. Only a few sailboats were at anchor, 3 or 4 maximum, but well apart.

It was unbelievable quiet and calm and it looked perfect for a nice sleep. The sun set.

Sunset Nisos Elafonisos

In the morning, the sun was shining brightly, the view was magnificent. You must know that the first time we were there, was in the month of July, still only 3 boats were present...

The water was so clear and blue. Sandy bottom and a very long sandy white beach! With as good as no one on it! We had to go swimming and put ourselves on the beach to take this beautiful surrounding in us.

Nisos Elafonisos

As you can see, these pictures say it all! What do you need more?

We decided, of course, to stay another day... Why leave??

What's more, is that it is actually close to the channel that runs between the Peloponnesus and Nisos Kithera. So you see all the ships passing without hearing any noise or feeling the waves. Especially at night, this is a nice sight.


The name 'Elafonisos' actually means 'deer', although we haven't seen one when we were there...

In that year, we went to our favorite anchorage again, another 2 times, once in September and the other time in November. The pearl was still there, but now it was absolutely completely deserted, not one living soul! What do you think about that!

What's Your favorite anchorage?

Do you also have an anchorage spot you still dream about? Tell us why you love it so much and what you have done there. How did you find it and where is your pearl? Don't forget the pictures!

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