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The Difference Between Superyachts!

Do you know the difference between superyachts? And, do you know on what kind of yacht you want to work on?


Good for you! 


Let me help you!

When you work on a superyacht, you will be on a yacht of more than 24 meters. This is the 'official' mark above which a yachts is regarded as 'super'.

Now, above 24 meters you will find all kind of superyachts. And, when you're job hunting, it helps when you know what you're looking for!

Sail versus Motor

The first difference between superyachts is the difference between sailing and motor yachts.

Apart from the obvious mast(s) and sails, what else is the difference?

Well, sailing yachts tend to attract another kind of crew.

These people are in love with the sea and are passionate about sailing. They love to be in the nature and sailing is just that.

Superyacht Sail

 The winds pushes the yacht behind the horizon... Romantic, isn't it?

They also tend to have better seamanship skills and boat safety might be higher, since you have to be alert all the time when sailing a huge sailing boat.

Since sailing yachts don't have as many decks as motor yachts, which can have up to 7 decks, the interaction between crew and guests/owners is much higher.

While sailing, the owner/guests are on deck together with most of the crew. When a motor yacht is on the move, most crew will be on another deck, so that they don't disturb the guests. So, more formal on a motor yacht.

Motor yachts are also referred as 'stink pots', because the engines or generators are always on and cause the constant humming and fumes.

Quantity-wise, there are much more motor yachts around than sailing yachts.

And, motor yachts thend to pay better...

Small versus Large

M/Y Mogambo

The second difference between superyachts is the size.

As said higher, we start at 24 meters and we go up to around 170 meters!

The bigger the yacht, the more crew.

The more crew, the more you are a small element in the whole 'crew machinery'. Everybody will have its own specific job onboard, which can be pretty boring after a while...

On smaller yachts, you have your primary function, but it's possible that you have to help out in another area. So, this brings more diversity and you learn more.

Remember that even the biggest yachts can only accept 12 guests. So, on small yachts, you might have 1 crewmember for 3 guests, which is very hard, and on large yachts, you can have 3 crewmembers for 1 guest...

The atmosphere onboard is also different. Large yacht crews are more run like a big company Smaller yachts with just a few crew have a more personal and familiar atmosphere.

Charter versus Private

Superyacht entering Ibiza

The last difference between superyachts is the distinction between charter and private yachts.

Charter yachts are commercial yachts which can be rented by anybody who has the funds. People can charter per day, week or any other duration.

Private yachts instead, don't charter. Only the owner, his family and his close friends will come onboard. They don't have to pay to stay on their own yacht.

Charter yachts can be extremely busy! When a superyacht is popular on the charter-market, you can have back-to-back charters, which means that week after week you welcome different guests with only minimal time to get the boat ready. This is exhausting, but can be very rewarding!

'Can be', I said.

Yes, most charter people will tip 10 to 15 % of the charter fee, which is a huge amount of money, if you know that a charter fee can be 200 000 euro, for example. This tip, divided by so many crew, might be around 1000 euro in your pocket!

Or, they can give you a good handshake and say: "Well done, buddy! See you later!" These last are not common...

With private yachts, tips are much less or none. The owner already pays your salary and his total bill for having the yacht is sufficient, so mostly he will not give you extra money.

Friends who come with the owner might give you a tip, but, of course, not in the range of a charter fee tip. This tip is more a friendly recognition of your good care towards them!

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