The Amazing
Clipper Round The World

Who hasn't heard about the Clipper Round The World race yet? It's a fantastic event open for everybody!

The man behind the whole project is nobody less than Sir Robin-Knox-Johnston. The same man who circumnavigated the world non-stop just by himself!

In 1995 he founded 'Clipper Ventures' to create a race around the world for amateurs. He wanted that everybody could experience this special adventure. And special it is!

This July 2013, 12 brand-new 70 foot sailing yachts will leave the United Kingdom on their 11-month circumnavigation. The crew will see 13 countries, cross 40 000 nautical miles and this all in 15 races.

Literally everybody can apply. Even people who only have seen a sailing yacht on the television!

What I especially like about the whole project is that the crew is so divers, they all come from different walks of life. More than 230 professions are represented, more than 40 nationalities and more than 40% of the crew are woman. Now, that's a real breakthrough! Just another sign that there's no prejudice towards a certain type of crew!

The only criteria are that you need to be fit to acually do it, and you have to be older than 18 years old.

Of course, the company who organises the Clipper Round The World is no charity organisation. You pay a price to do one leg, multiple legs or the whole circumnavigation.

The cost to participate in the Clipper Round The World 13-14 is like this:

  • You pay 43 070 Pounds Sterling (= 68 335 US Dollars) to do the complete race.
  • When you want to do 1 leg, you pay between 9 358 and 10 418 Pounds Sterling. ( = 14 840 to 16 520 US Dollars)

For this price you get the ticket to race in brand-new state-of-the-art 70 foot sailing yachts designed by Tony Castro and captained by professional skippers. You get a pre-race training, food, accomodation and a set of ocean racing gear and other clothing.

Not bad, isn't it?

Like you could just read, it's not just pay the money and you're set. No, you are interviewed after you apply for the race. If you show you're determined and want to do it for the right reasons, you go through to 4 levels of pre-race training. They will not let you go to sea without a proper training!

In those 4 levels, you will learn the basic principles of sailing, navigation, meteorology, communication, first aid, sea survival, spinnaker sailing and so on. Then, they send you out on a 5-day offshore passage. Following that, teams are formed and you will practice with your own team.

Every team counts 22 persons. Half of the crew will do the whole trip, the other half are people who do 1 or more legs. So, every yacht will have 45 to 60 crew connected to it.

If you ask me, this is it if you're into ocean racing. I can't think of another initiative that offers as much as the Clipper Round The World.

This is Formula 1 open to amateurs!!! You will not get any closer to ocean racing, because THIS IS the real stuff.

Look at the video hereunder...

Now, tell me.

Are you convinced? Yes or Yes?

After you went through an experience like this, your life has changed. No matter what!

I give the Clipper Round The World and all persons behind it, a big thumbs up!!!

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