Boat Transports Over The Road

yachts on truck

When you choose for boat transports over the road, there are a few things you should know.

Your sailing or motor yacht will be put on a truck at the pick-up place and be delivered at the agreed destination.

Because of its nature, there are some limitations.

Every country or state has its own regulations about the size of what you can transport legally over the road.

This will determine if you can transport it and if so, if you need an escort or some other safety measures.

The usual maximum length is around 50 foot or 15 meter; some boat movers can go up to 60 foot or 18 meter.

With length I mean length overall. So, if you could put your boat in a big box, then the distance between the wall in front and the one in the back will be your length.

speedboat on truck

So, swimming platforms, bow pulpits, outboard engines and so on, all add to the length overall. Outboard engines will be transported in their raised position and will be measured like that.

If dismounting any of these items is an option for you and you can make your boat shorter, it could save you money or even make the transport possible after all!

The same with the width or beam. The distance between the sidewalls of our imaginary box is your beam. Even catamarans can be moved. I have seen special trucks that have a hydraulical lifting system to lift and tilt the catamaran to take a bend.

The last dimension we have to take into account is the height. When the boat transport companies are moving your yacht, they will make a route plan. This route plan will be checked, so that the truck can pass without any problems. Bridges, tunnels, trees, wires and the state's regulations will force you to keep under a certain height.

Boat Transport over the road

The mast of a sailing yacht needs to come down of course. You can put it horizontally on the deck or on the truck or even arrange for a special mast shipping.

Other objects like antennas, flag masts... should be removed if possible.

In the end, the height will be measured from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part of the boat.

Remember that the longer, wider or higher the boat is, the higher the price will be.

boat moving

Another good thing to know is that yacht transport in general is not a 'walk in the park'. What I mean is that it is necessary to protect your boat properly. Be paranoid in this respect. Everything that could move or is fragile, protect and store it.

For example, antennas, wind indicators, lights are very fragile and are easily damaged. Be smart and remove them. Check your boat's interior and stow all loose equipment and gear in the lockers. You would be surprised how things can get their own life by walking around through the boat during transport. Use bubble wrap, cardboard, carpet to protect against chafing and rubbing.

shrinkwrapped boats on truck

Some people even shrink wrap their boat, which is a good idea! Road dirt will come on your boat.

Know that these things will not be covered by the transport company's insurance and that it is your responsibility to protect your boat properly.

In fact, the boat transport carrier is the main and only coverage. It covers damage done to your yacht in transit. Unlike chafing damage, this damage is the one that you cannot prepare for, because you don't know the hazard in advance. Chafing damage and road dirt are natural to road haulage and are foreseeable.

sailing yacht on truck

What will it cost? This depends on the boat's size, the mileage and the delivery location.

Apart from reducing your boat's size, you can save money by getting in touch with a boat transport company as soon as possible. Why? Because they will look for a return load, so that the truck doesn't drive back empty. If your yacht is smaller, they can even put an additional boat on the truck.

When you choose a boat transport company, look for one that has been in the business for a while. Moving a yacht takes a certain expertise and skill. Also check if they are fully insured and licensed.

Because of the strains of road transport, I would recommend the air suspended trailers. These give your boat a nice comfortable ride!

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