Boat Maintenance

Boat maintenance is a necessity when you own a sail boat or motor yacht. You simply can't go without. A yacht not looked after deteriorates in a matter of time.

Our boats lie in a humid and salty atmosphere, and the UV-rays are part of the attack too. The boat gets dirty, corrosion kicks in, things stop working and you end up with a piece of junk! From time to time I'm still surprised how corrosion eats through everything!

You can do it yourself or let professionals do the job for you. It all depends on the time and money you have available...

Who doesn't feel pride in his yacht when people are giving compliments about it. You spot a good seaman on the state of his yacht!

I often compare a boat with a baby and it is actually in many ways...

  1. First of all, you give it a name. It becomes part of your life!
  2. Second, you have to look after it, just like you can't leave a baby alone. If you do, you will have problems the moment you're out on the sea!
  3. Third, you have to feed her with gasoil, gasoline, water, LPG,...
  4. Fourth, you need to wash and clean her from time to time.

I'm sure you get my point!

The best way to keep her in top condition is never stop maintaining. It's far much easier to keep her at a certain standard than when you have to work back to that standard after a period of no or little care.

So, the bottom line is that you have to keep your expensive investment in value. Maintain your boat the best way you can, is my advice!

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3. Cleaning

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4. The Fresh Water circuit

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5. Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

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6. Winches

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7. Winterizing

Winterizing a Boat: An Introduction!

Your Winterizing Checklist

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