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Here are mine...

funny sailing picture

This picture was taken in 2007. It was on the first leg of my first Transatlantic. On the way from France to Madeira, we were eating in the saloon of our Lagoon 500 catamaran. Suddenly, we hear this strange flap-flap above our heads...

Curious enough I looked up through the top saloon window and, at the same time, this bird was looking down on me!

I just had enough time to get my camera to take the snap!!

Crossing the ocean

I love this picture!

It was actually shot on the same Transat as the picture above. We came from Madeira and we were one day from arriving in Bermuda!

We look like the Three Musketeers! The ocean was like glass  and because the picture was shot towards the sun, you only see our silhouettes, which makes this a special picture to me!

floating bus
funny sailing picture
funny picture
funny boat pictures

These funny pictures were taken in 2010, when we were in the shipyard on Manuel Island, Malta. 

I remember that me and Magdalena were busy making our catamaran ready for the winter, when I saw this bus manoevring towards the slip-way.

"What's he doing?!" I asked.

And then, the yellow drove in the water and off she went...

Later we heard that they were testing a new attraction for tourists...

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