How To Become
a Yacht Captain
in Less than 1 Year!

Become a Yacht Captain!

Your Entry in Yachting


in the Superyacht Industry!

Do you want to become a Yacht Captain?

Or do you want to have the best chances to become a crewmember on a superyacht?

You have come to the right spot!

Many years ago, I was dreaming of a yachting life too, just as you do. I sailed in my pastime, but I had no yachting certificates whatsoever.

Nine months after I started my career in yachting, I was already working as a professional yacht captain.

In my e-book 'How to become a Professional Yacht Captain in less than 1 year!', I'll show you how I did it and how you can do it too!

I did not name my e-book 'How to become a megayacht captain in less than 1 year', because that's just not going to happen. It would be the same like wanting to be the pilot of a Boeing 747. No, this takes time and with time comes experience.

Now, what this e-book is all about, is giving you all the right information and knowledge to become a yacht captain in less than 1 year.

It's a no-nonsense manual to get you in the best position to get a job onboard.

This knowledge is the same one you need to become a deckhand, a bosun or a mate on a superyacht or megayacht.

I'll show you the path you need to take, even when you have zero experience in yachting today.

I'll show you which tickets to get and how to get them in the fastest and most economic way. This can literally save you thousands of euro's, dollars, pounds,...

When you want to start in the yachting business, it's important that you make informed decisions. With my knowhow, you're much better prepared and you will know better in which direction you want to go. The better you know this, the higher the chance you will get what you want!

I will also talk about the several yacht captain positions that are open for you, as well as your entry in the world of superyachts. 

I will share with you how and where you can find your desired yacht position.

I have done it, so can you!

Depending on your motivation and perseverance , you too can be a yacht captain or be onboard a superyacht in the very near future and making money with what you love.

Once you're in that position, the sky is the limit.

You decide where you want to be next!

Get your copy of "How to become a Professional Yacht Captain in Less than 1 Year' and start to make your dreams come true!

Live the Yachting Life!


only 9,99 Euro

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Your copy!

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This ebook is in the PDF format, so you can read it on your computer, laptop, ipad,...

In case you don't have a PDF reader, download the free reader from Adobe. 

Or, you can buy it at Amazon as a Kindle ebook.

You can find this ebook on all the international sites of Amazon.

Just head over to the kindle store on your local Amazon website and type "Become a Yacht Captain".

And, it doesn't matter if you have a Kindle or not, you can download a Kindle app for free to read Kindle ebooks on all your devices!

And because it's an ebook, it's sent to you straight away, so you'll be reading it in less than a minute!

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