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Hi, Last newsletter of the year 2013!
January 02, 2014

First of all, me and Magdalena want to wish you a Merry Christmas and the best of everything for the upcoming New Year!

Hopefully, your festivities were a blast and you made some good intentions for 2014!

Now, unless you live in the Caribbean or Australia, your yacht is probably having a rest and is standing on the hard. The perfect time to start dreaming again of next summer.

You may want to cruise some undiscovered areas or, maybe you're thinking to buy some new kit for the boat. Whatever it is, it's great being busy with our boats!

I hope you enjoy this newsletter!

Be sure to forward this newsletter to anyone who might enjoy it too!

What's New on!

A New Homepage

Since 2 weeks, I've changed the look of the homepage.

The main difference is that there are big tiles on which you can click to navigate through the website.

I hope you like it!

You can have a look here!

YachtUnlimited's first ebook has arrived!

Yes, that's right!

This ebook is named "How to Become a Professional Yacht Captain in Less than 1 Year!" and is aimed at anyone thinking about a career in yachting.

Choosing a career is not small beer and working on a yacht is a kind of special way to earn your living.

What I wanted to achieve with this ebook is to give you all the information you need, in order to give you the best chance to get that job on a yacht.

Lots of people are trying to get on a yacht and the selection is becoming more and more fierce.

I have written it in a no-nonsense style with lots of examples and advice.

I believe that if you follow these, together with your commitment to persevere, you can get there where you want to be.

The real money saver for you, is my advice how to get the internationally most accepted tickets, in the shortest stretch of time and in the cheapest way, plus getting employed as a yacht captain on a smaller yacht, or becoming a deckhand or mate on a superyacht.

I offer this ebook in 2 ways.

You can buy it on my website as a PDF file for 9,99 euro OR you can get it in the Kindle shop of Amazon for a bit less, depending on which national Amazon site you're using.

Both versions are the same, the only difference is that there are no pictures in the Kindle version, due to that format.

Whatever format you choose, you can read it on any computer, laptop, tablet, iphone, smartphone, ereader,...

Your Precious!

Okay, I know...

The picture is a bit freaky!

But, the page I've written is all about Your most precious thing onboard. That thing that you always take to sea, you wouldn't go out without it!

This can be anything. From a normal piece of kit, like a hand compass, to a good luck charm.

Whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable with, share it with us!

Click here!

Boat Maintenance!

This month, I'll show you how to service your winches on board.

Normally, you should do it ,at minimum, once a year. More, if you sail in salty water or do regattas.

If you have never done it before, don't be frightened to take a winch apart. It's build up very logically and if you follow

the advice I give you in the article , you can't go wrong!

Next, 2 articles about our watermakers on board!

Watermakers are fanatastic. Every day we get nice, fresh water at little cost. No need anymore to visit expensive yacht marinas just to top up our water tanks.

All in all, these machines require little maintenance. You just have to keep them running from time to time.

And if you don't need them for a while, you pickle them.

You can find all about it in these 2 new articles:

How to maintain them!
How to winterize them!

Seen and Heard

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Thanks for reading this seventh newsletter!

I hope you enjoyed it and that you are looking forward to the next one!

More great stuff is on it's way!

All the best,

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