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Hi, It's Shipyard Time!
March 30, 2013

Summer is closing in fast and you're probably busy with the necessary maintenance works in the shipyard!

Allthough...if I look at the weather here or on the weather forecast on television, it's clear that the weather is not yet what it should be...

2 weeks ago, me and Magdalena took Bel-Ami out of the water. Fortunately it was a nice sunny springtime day!

Now, a long list of winter jobs are waiting to be done.

But, no matter what, in 2 months time, we will be cruising one of the nicest stretches of water in the Mediterranean. I'm talking about the Greek waters with its fantastic islands.

We'll even go to the islands where the movie 'Mamma Mia' was shot.

Looking forward to it!

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What's New on!

Working on Yachts

Last month I've opened a new section and added some articles about working on yachts.

It's also this time of the year that possible crew candidates are looking for a position on those big shiny yachts.

If you're living a landlife, you can still have a look and enjoy the pictures ;-)

Click here to get a job on a luxury yacht!

Rogue Wave in Sanremo, Italy

This video is must-see!

Last year we were spending the winter in Sanremo.

Now, every year there are a few storms coming over which cause big waves crashing into the outside mole!

Here's a video of a storm last January. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Have a look here!

Boat Maintenance!

Lots of sailing and motor yachts have some pieces of wood inside or outside.

You can make your boat look fantastic when your woodwork is maintained properly.

I'm talking about boat varnish and how to choose and apply it.

I've put the first article online!

Click here!

Boat Equipment!

Marine wind generators are great energy sources to keep our batteries topped up!

They have become reliable machines, with less vibration and noise.

But, with all the different makes and shapes on the market, which one is the right one for your boat and your needs.

Here's your guide!

Seen and Heard

Did you know that YachtUnlimited is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

The stuff that is posted there are the lighter and funny things I've seen.

Check out here what you might have missed!

Also, check out these videos on the YachtUnlimited Youtube channel!

I hope you enjoyed this fifth newsletter and are looking forward to the next!

More articles are in the pipeline!

All the best,

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