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I Love Yachting! Issue #002 is here!
November 09, 2012

Summer has definitely come to an end here in Europe. Temperature is dropping and rainy days are part of the deal.

Luckily me and Magdalena are living on board in the Mediterranean where it's still better to be than in Northern Europe.

At the end of the cruising season, we all know that we have to put our toy away for a few months. Time to winterize the boat!

New articles about winterizing are on their way! So, don't panic ;-)

At the moment, we're having our vacation. Opposite to most people, we leave the yacht and go northwards to visit family and friends. Temperatures around zero degrees Celsius hit our faces when the airplane opened its doors... what a delight!

This time of the year is also excellent to do some courses, just to stay on top of everything. I will do an update on my captain's license and some safety courses I need to repeat.

Magdalena will do an extra cookery course, which will be about preparing fish dishes.

Costly, but necessary.

We will share all that stuff with you, so you can benefit from that!

I hope you enjoy reading it and if you want to share it with your sailing friends, forward this newsletter!

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Happy reading!

What's New on!

Last time I wrote about the techniques you need to use to anchor properly.

Now, the fun part was still missing...

What is YOUR favorite anchorage?

I know, not easy. Our world has plenty of them.

Which anchorage spot pops up in your head? Why was it so special and beautiful? How did you find it?

You can share your favorite anchorage with pictures and everything.

To set the example, here's mine:

My Favorite Anchorage

Also, I thought to make a list of sailing terms.

There are so many around, old and new, and it can be quite hard to remember what the name was or what the meaning is...

It counts already 5 pages!

Check it out!

Boat Terminology

My Opinion

Superyachts in London?

Do you still remember the Olympic Games in London? Two months ago, in July and August 2012, the Olympic took place in the heart of England.

As you can expect, a lot of money was pumped into the project and no means were spared to make this an amazing event.

Now, what I found interesting is that London announced the arrival of a few of the bigger superyachts around.

That's quite something, as you can imagine... superyachts in London!

Those massive yachts entering the waters of England and mooring in front of the highrise office buildings.

Among the superyachts were:

- M/Y Octopus: a 126 m (414 ft) yacht owned by the co-founder of Microsoft, Mr. Paul Allen.

- M/Y Ilona: a 74 m (242 ft) yacht, owned by Frank Lowy who owns the Westfield shopping centres.

- M/Y Seanna: a 65 m (213 ft) yacht, ready for charter.

They moored at the Royal Docks in East-London and near Canary Wharf.

The lock gates were quite tight for a few of them and their stay was expensive!

64 000 pounds Sterling was mentioned as a 2-week mooring fee for a 230 ft (70 m) superyacht!

M/Y Octopus payed a stunning 107 660 US Dollar mooring fee to stay 1 week, water and electricity were not included!

Mr. Paul Allen tweeted that going through the locks costed him 2428 US $...

Of course, it's very special to be with your yacht in the heart of London.

Hotel rooms were booked months ahead and what's better than sleeping in your own yacht, have your own chef and crew onboard who all want to make sure you enjoy your stay. In a hotel, even the top ones, they can never give you 100 % attention, since you're not the only guest!

And London is not the middle of nowhere!

London promotes itself as one of the leading financial centers in the world. A thriving city full of shopping centers and great nightlife.

London thinks it can compete with Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes, Nice, Palma de Mallorca and so on.

My first reaction in my head was:

'I don't think so!'

Click here to read the rest of my opinion!

Seen and Heard

Did you know that YachtUnlimited is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

The stuff that is posted there are the lighter and funny things I've seen.

Check out here what you might have missed!

Also, check out these videos on the YachtUnlimited Youtube channel!

This was the second 'I Love Yachting' - newsletter!

I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one with more new articles and info!

Hopefully, I'll get some winterizing articles online to assist you in that proces!

All the best,

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