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I Love Yachting! Issue #001 -- The Launch!
October 12, 2012

I hope you had a great sailing season behind you! Or even better, still to come!

What a summer me and Magdalena had...

We left San Remo, Italy on the 9th of May and we arrived in Porto San Giorgio, Italy on the 28th of September. I've checked the logbook and we have covered more than 4500 nautical miles this summer!

We saw the exciting islands of the Balearics, the hot vulcanoes in the Eolian Island, the even hotter forest fires in Sicily and, of course, the 1000 beautiful islands of Croatia!

All these areas will be poured into articles on

Another exciting happening is what you're now looking at. It's the first edition of the 'I Love Yachting'-newsletter! Every month delivered for free into your mailbox.

I hope you enjoy reading it and if you want to share it with your sailing friends, forward this newsletter!

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Happy reading!

What's New on!

Last month I wrote a lot of articles about anchoring a boat. As always, you will find a lot of useful information to improve your anchoring techniques. This is the start of a new 'Boating Skills and Seamanship' section!

Check them out!
How to Anchor a Boat Part I
How to Anchor a Boat Part II
10 Things You must know about Anchoring a Boat! Part I
10 Things You must know about Anchoring a Boat! Part II

Ever wondered how life on board would be when you don't have to shout anymore while manoeuvring the boat?

It's wonderful!

I have written an article about a 'captain to mate communication system' and how it can help you to run a happy boat!

Check it out!

Crew Communication

A few days ago, I opened another section on YachtUnlimited. It's about boat maintenance and it has some great tips for you to keep your boat in the best possible condition!.

A fun article to write was the one about seagull poo...

How to Prevent and Remove Bird Droppings

My Opinion

What happened with 'First Come, First Serve'?

More than a month ago, we were cruising in beautiful Croatia. On a sudden day, I think it was a Tuesday, we decided to go for a refuel and this in the pretty place called Trogir.

We arrived at the fuel dock something around 3.15 in the afternoon and we needed 3000 liters, which takes 50 minutes top. The guy at the fuel station was welcoming us with open arms and a smile from ear to ear. What else you would expect?

Now, after the first 15 minutes of refueling, a 40' motor boat comes behind us and, like normal people, they wait their turn...

5 minutes later, a small speedboat showed up and the guy on board, only after a few minutes waiting began shouting at us.

"You are terrible, you spoil my whole vacation,..." he shouted, because he had to wait!

To be honest, I don't like to start a conversation with somebody who is acting like that...

Now, I'm pretty amazed at those people who think the world turns around their persona.

I would never start shouting at somebody in the supermarket if he or she has a full cart and I have just 5 articles in my hand. First come first serve is as old as the time when the first forms of life were inhabiting the world!

First is first. It's not a difficult rule to get, I think!

You can say:"Okay, this was 1 guy..."

Sadly, it wasn't.

Click here to read the rest of the story!

Seen and Heard

Did you know that YachtUnlimited is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

The stuff that is posted there are the lighter and funny things I've seen.

Check out here what you might have missed!

Also, check out these videos on the YachtUnlimited Youtube channel!

This was the first 'I Love Yachting' - newsletter!

I hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one with more new articles and info!

All the best,

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